What to Consider while Hiring a Wine Storage Unit?

Wine lovers should know as to what they should be looking for while renting a wine storage unit to preserve their precious wine. You need to consider the below mentioned when planning to store your wine in an external storage centre.

Time Duration Needed For Storing Your Wine

Several reasons matter when storing wine; for instance, if you want to store wine for longer period, certainly you need to look into environmental conditions. Some look out for long duration storage while others like the wineries just require storing for a short period because their own self storage facilities are packed. Over long time duration, many wines do change and become more complex and so the kind of wine you are storing plays a crucial part in length of storage.

Wine Storage Unit

Reasonably priced wines normally get better in the short time period. On the other hand, finer wines which have come from quality fruit, harvested at the crest of ripeness and sugar levels, and are processed fittingly, will mature to more complex flavours, giving out strong aromas and thicker colours in the course of many years assuming they are stored in the right conditions.

Steady Temperature

Wine tends to mature slowly at a lower temperature allowing the wine to reach and uphold its peak drink-ability. Suppose the wine become too warm, some aspects may develop and diminish before others have been optimized. Thus, wine collectors will require a temperature controlled facility for storing their precious wine for a longer time period. Constant temperature between 10°C and 15°C is the industry standard for wine cellaring.

Humidity Level

Also significant are the humidity levels. Mold and mildew will occur in high humidity that can spoil wine’s label and foil. On the contrary, in very low humidity, it can cause corks to dry out, contract, break the seal and eventually damage the wine. Between 65% and 75% humidity is ideal for wine cellaring.

Security & Privacy

Certainly, you will want to choose an external storage facility that is well equipped with individual protected lockers, advanced alarm systems on individual lockers, 24-hour on-site surveillance cameras, security guard or residing resident manager so that you can store your precious wine with complete peace of mind. Additionally, it would be reassuring if the property has a fire sprinkler system in place.

When you have an easy access to an external wine storage facility in Sydney, you can buy cases of wine when they are first introduced in the market and store them till they attain their peak. This can save considerable cost as compared to buying such wines aged to perfection. Also, wine collectors can sell the wines that have attained their peak at the right time and make a profit.


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